WNMU’s Spring Semester Assesment

Posted on May 6, 2011


Another semester is gone and completed. All the choices we have made this semester is also gone. Some of these choices includes: (the positive choices) going to classes, finishing homework and class work assignments, building close bonds with positive students that we have met here, at WNMU, studying for test and passing them. These choices, along with other positive choices, is a concoction of ingredients that will lead to a successful career in college; however, there is always another side to a coin. The other side of the coin, concerning a student college career, includes choices that are not healthy or beneficial in the marathon race towards a degree. These choices includes: (the negative choices) not going to class, not completing homework and class work assignments, attempting to build bonds with those (students or non-students) who do not care about you or your education, not studying your lessons etc. These choices, along with other poor choices, is a concoction of ingredients that will lead to the demise of the college student career.

Also, looking back at this semester later on in life  will be a memorable one. This semester included an historical event. As the whole world knows, America finally caught up to Bin Laden, who killed thousands of people in his quest or campaign to terrorize the world. Moreover, it is not just the death of Bin Laden that should be celebrated but the death of an idea that looked to manipulate people by terrorizing them.

Still, there are other memorable moments that will be remembered during this semester. All who are reading this can take a moment to look back and asses their memorable moments this semester to realize what they have accomplished personally and what they have not accomplished personally. By assessing yourself, and all that surrounds us, will continuously improve you to become better in everything you do.

Peace and have a nice summer!