WNMU School Supply Drive for Palomas Children

Posted on April 19, 2011


Dr. Alexandra Neves, a professor in the Bilingual/TESOL program with
the School of Education at Western New Mexico University in Silver City
is sponsoring a school supply drive for the children of Palomas,
Chihuahua, at our border with Mexico. Dr. Neves says she was inspired
by her own experiences with children who were not able to attend school
in her home country Brazil, and the efforts of the Palomas Outreach to
help keep Palomas kids in school by distributing not only food to
defray their parents’ expenses, but school supplies. “Knowing the
impact education can have in these children’s lives,” Dr. Neves
says,”will always be a source of inspiration for me.” Dr. Neves invites
the WNMU university community, and the towns of Silver City, Bayard and
Hurley to come forward to participate in the drive.

“Many children in Palomas stop going to school because families cannot
pay for school supplies,” she explains. “I believe, since they’re just
across the border from one of the richest nations in the world, we all
owe this issue great consideration. Education is the great equalizer.”

The drive will take place at the main office (2nd floor Martinez-Fall
building) in the School of Education at Western New Mexico University,
starting Monday April 18th and ending Thursday May 12,th the last day
of classes at WNMU.

A similar drive will take place at New Mexico State University,
sponsored by Professor Spencer Herrera, who can be contacted at

The goal of the Palomas Outreach is to distribute 1000 school supply

All supplies will be distributed by the Palomas Outreach directly to
children at schools inside Palomas shortly after school starts fall of

Dr. Neves says her message, along with some of the other faculty
members, to the children of Palomas is: “We’re happy we can help! Be
smart, do your best, keep your minds open and have fun in school!”

For more information about the WNMU drive, please e-mail Dr. Neves at

For other questions concerning the work of the Palomas Outreach, or for
an e-mail copy of supplies needed, contact Victoria Tester at

Palomas School Supply Lists

pencil box
small box crayons
blunt scissors
small pack of playdough
backpack or conference bags(pre-owned welcome)

Elementary, middle and high school
pencil box
blue, black, red ball point pens
small box crayons
blunt scissors
pencil sharpeners
looseleaf notebook paper
backpacks or conference bags(pre-owned welcome)

for elementary schoolers: one childhood reading book and one 12 piece
(again, pre-owned, as long as they are intact and in good condition,
are welcome)

Highschoolers also need:
a scientific calculator
colored pencils for maps

Alexandra Neves, PhD
Assistant Professor Bilingual/TESOL
School of Education
Western New Mexico University

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