Future Career Forecast for Soon to be College Graduates

Posted on March 28, 2011


By Adelain Francois

As the spring 2011 semester comes to a close, a new group of college students will be ending their collegiate life, at least for the moment, and begin making the transition from college student to job seeker. The current state of the economy does not make this transition easier; however, college students can remain hopeful in the abilities that they posses.

The ability, or motivation, to look for work is what graduates need, by having the ability to prepare a cover letter and a resume, college graduates will get a step closer in the right direction in finding employment. In addition, college students can employ a number of strategies and tactics that will assist them in the pre-employment stage.

According to Lauren Brittney Glover from BusinessWeek.com, there are new rules in the game of job search and they are as follow:

“Rule No. 1: Forget the advice you’ve been given so far, and cast a wide net. ‘Many students are advised, and wisely so, to narrow their job search whenever possible based on their preferences and career goals,’ says Dan Black, Ernst & Young’s Americas director of campus recruiting. ‘But in a tight economy, it may help to broaden your scope. Consider a greater number of companies, industries, or geographic locations if your current list is not yet yielding opportunities.'”

“Rule No. 2: Be prepared to move. When the recovery comes, it’s likely to impact some places earlier than others. According to a report by MSNBC and Moody’s Economy.com (MCO), job growth will return first to Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington State, starting in the fourth quarter, as pent-up demand for new technology (and in Texas, a concentration of energy companies) spur the local economies.”

According to another article posted on The University of Arizona’s business website, for recent graduates, “understanding the job market in relation to industry and location is critical to long term job satisfaction. Student at early career development stages need to pay close attention to shifts in the labor market. Students looking to enter the market immediately should learn what to expect.” (http://ugrad.eller.arizona.edu/career/planning/resources/outlook.asp)

In other words, although the employment future for several college students looks dark and gloomy, students should remain optimistic and not pessimistic on their future career outlook. Furthermore, college students need to use the tools they have to market themselves, and college students should be ready to move in different locations, domestically, so that they can improve their chances and turn around their future career outlook from an ambiguous one to one filled with clarity and promise.