Posted on March 24, 2011


SILVER CITY, NM – New Mexico legislators in Santa Fe recently honored Western New Mexico University President Dr. John Counts. During the final week of the legislative session, both the New Mexico House and Senate recognized Dr. Counts with certificates of congratulation acknowledging his service to WNMU over the last 19 years. The certificates emphasized Dr. Counts’ service as president of WNMU since 1993, when after an extended period of unprecedented turbulence he became WNMU’s eighth president in 10 years. During Dr. Counts’ tenure, in addition to achieving academic and financial management excellence, more than $56 million in renovation and expansion projects have been undertaken, a measure also noted by both certificates. After the reading of the certificates, several legislators in both the House and Senate praised Dr. Counts’ total dedication as president to WNMU for 18 years, resulting in the University being recognized as one of the premier universities in the southwest. The recognition arrives as WNMU continues its search for a new president. Dr. Counts is set to retire in June 2011. The Presidential Search Committee is in the process of reviewing at least 68 applicants. The Board of Regents will ultimately pick Dr. Counts’ successor. WNMU was recognized by New Mexico legislators on February 11 when a proclamation and memorial were passed marking “WNMU Founders Day” on the floor of the House and Senate. Established on February 11, 1893, WNMU celebrated its 118 birthday with campus activities.

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