Posted on March 21, 2011


Silver City, NM – Virtual classmates from 10 different states and two countries have
come together to publish Wild Mustang Anthology: Experiments in Writing and
Publishing at WNMU.

The product of Professor Sharman Russell’s graduate course Publishing in the 21st
Century, the anthology is celebrating its first year in publication
Russell initiated the idea of a fundraiser for her class to participate in as a servicelearning
project. The publishing class developed a 260-page anthology of 19 written
works in fiction, non-fiction and poetry. All proceeds will benefit victims of the January
2010 earthquake in Haiti.

“Featuring national and international student voices, Wild Mustang Anthology creates a
cross-section of twenty-first century perspectives,” Russell said. “The work mirrors the
diverse and far-flung students of the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program
at Western New Mexico University.”
Belinda Rodgers, a student of the class from California was excited to participate in the
first student anthology of its kind at WNMU.

“We researched this but could find no project like ours in which the authors and
publishing staff were all students,” Rodgers said. “We could find no class that compared
to Professor Russell’s Publishing in the 21st Century.”
Rodgers and her classmates carried out the project completely online. The entries were
submitted by students and all the steps leading to the publication were student-led.
“WNMU has been on the forefront of online education, especially in the writing field,”
Rodgers said. “We expect WNMU to continue to be a leader and anticipate that projects
such as the anthology will help build a community of writers that will last long after

The book is available on Information about the authors and charity can be
found at

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