New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce Applauds Legislature’s Passage of Clean Energy, Local Business Bills

Posted on March 21, 2011



The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce today congratulated New Mexico legislators for their continued investment in a clean energy economy and for initiatives supportive of local business and healthy communities.

“In the midst of budget challenges, the Legislature recognized that New Mexico’s economic future lies in our world class solar, wind and geothermal resources, as well as continuing to invest in New Mexico’s small businesses,” said Allan Oliver, CEO of the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce. “Keeping New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Portfolio standard strong, offering new means of clean energy investment, and maintaining limits on carbon pollution send a positive signal to our fast-growing renewable energy sector.”

At the conclusion of the 2011 legislative session, the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce commends the legislature for passing important measures that will support local businesses and agriculture, improve transparency around state incentives, and boost investment in clean energy:

Thinking Local First 

SB19 In-State Business Procurement Advantage closes loopholes that gave preferences to out of state companies applying for state business and helps assure that the 5% in-state preference goes to New Mexico businesses.  This bill will stimulate New Mexico business and could help create thousands more jobs for New Mexico owned companies. 

SB 63 Government Food Purchasing Requirements sets modest targets for state government to purchase food from local producers-2% next year, 5% by 2014, and 10% by 2016.  It only makes sense that New Mexico tax dollars should invest back into our local farmers and growers, and help boost our local economies.




Leveling the Playing Field for Small Business

SB 47-Tax Expenditure Budget will give state leaders the right information to determine which tax credits are helping business create jobs and which ones are not. 




Building an Entrepreneurial Economy

SB 38 New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange Act-This bill will initiate a Health Insurance Exchange Act that will improve competition among health care providers and reduce health care costs for small businesses.




The Green Business Advantage

SB 237 Colleges in Energy Efficiency Bonding Act will enable higher education institutions to lower their costs and improve their energy efficiency through projects that create good-paying clean energy jobs.




Capitalizing on the Clean Energy Economy

SB 266 Energy Conservation Bonds creates qualified energy conservation bonds that may be issued by state and large local governments and gives them access to $20 million dollars with of federal bonds.  This new bonding mechanism will help local governments initiate significant renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, which means good paying jobs across New Mexico.  

Each of these bills has been sent to Governor Martinez for signature. 




“The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce and its 1100 member businesses strongly support each of these bills,” Oliver states.  “We urge Governor Martinez to sign these bills that support local businesses, boost transparency around state incentives, and continue investment into energy efficiency and clean energy.”

The New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce represents over 1100 businesses dedicated to a triple bottom line that invests in people, conserves our air, water and land, and creates long term profits.  The Green Chamber seeks to unleash the creative force of business to bolster local communities and take advantage of new opportunities in a fast-growing clean energy economy. 

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