Micro Grants Available

Posted on March 21, 2011


Micro Grants Available to Create Badly Needed Economic Opportunities for Women Statewide

It’s not news that times are tough. But for poor and under served women and girls of   New Mexico times are even tougher.  It is 2011 and statistics show women are still making about 80 cents on the same dollar men are making. This disparity gets even    more desperate when race or ethnicity is factored into the equation. On average a      Latina or Hispanic woman makes about 63 cents to the dollar a white male is paid.     And African American women are paid 69 cents on that same dollar! New Mexico Women’s Foundation (NMWF) continues to fight to correct this grave imbalance,        and so it is with great pleasure that we announce we are accepting applications for     2011 Micro Grants.

Although called “micro” their effect is anything but small. In 2009 and 2010 – two granting seasons – NMWF distributed $80,000.00 in grants to various women’s cottage industry groups statewide. These grants helped lift women and girls out of poverty, enhanced their ability to earn a living in their own communities, and increased their independence. One grant recipient was a group in Columbus called “La Cooperativa de Frontera.” This group’s mission reaches beyond artistic ventures and beyond borders. A women’s cooperative serving Luna County and the adjacent socio-economic area it strives to foster women’s creativity and does so in conjunction with teaching environmental sustainability, bio-intensive gardening to improve nutrition, education on chronic and communicable diseases, and more!

Any group engaging in the business of cottage industries made up of three or more women with a governing body can apply for a grant. The group can be new or established so long as it can show that: 

·      at least 85% of the organization’s members/participants and people served                   are women and/or girls;


            it responds to the needs of women by helping them become                                                             entrepreneurs;


·      it promotes and develops women’s confidence and leadership abilities; 


·      it creates programs that allow women to stay in their communities and produce services or products; 

In addition, the group must qualify under the 501c3 tax-exempt section of the Internal Revenue Code or have a 501c3 fiscal agent. Organizations must also be in compliance with the New Mexico Charitable Organization and Solicitation Act.           

Grant applications are in no way limited to arts or crafts. A group may apply for a grant for any product or service it chooses so long as it meets the requirements stated above. However, individuals are ineligible, as are:

·      campaigns to elect public officials;


·      religious organizations for religious purposes;


                           programs or projects inconsistent with federal, state, or local discrimination or                         equal employment opportunity laws;


·      applications submitted after the deadline.

Following the April 29th application deadline NMWF will schedule a series of onsite visits to the various grant applicants. Funding awards will be announced on June 27th. 

For additional information regarding grant applications please contact Frieda Arth, NMWF President, at 505.983.6155 or Frieda@nmwf. Org.