The College Experience; Spring Break

Posted on March 12, 2011


By: Ad

For college students, college life is filled with activities. College activities range from vacations to places in our domestic and in foreign countries; in addition, we can not forget about those who just hang out with other students who decide to stayed near the campus for a number of reasons. Whatever the case is for any student, spring break should be a place that students wants to be and feel comfortable being there.

College students are everywhere… some college students maybe in places such as (domestic places in the USA), Arizona (particularly Lake Havasu), California, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Texas etc. Other students maybe in foreign places such as places in Asia, Europe, or the Middle  East. Wherever college students decide to be for spring break, one fact remain, spring break will be over and students will have to return to their studious lives.

What do college students do during spring breaks? This and other questions looms around concerned parents minds. Another important question looms, but not in the mind of parents; instead, questions looms around students mind. “What will my mother say if she finds out what I’ve done”, says some college students. The answer for both parties is that college students must grow up and experience life. It is true that college students make bad choices, but the most seasoned veteran (the elderly), in terms of life, make the wrong choices too. Making bad decision is part of life that is how we learn, through trial and error we can over come almost any life experience. However, the concern that parents have is valid because the unexpected can happen that parent did not want to happen to their growing child. Whatever the case, parents should continually and tiredly inform their kids about the dangers that exist in the world.

Moreover, spring break could be whatever students want it to be. Some student may decide to do some form of work, while other students might decide to have fun the whole week during spring break. Whatever the reason, Spring break could embody a responsible student or a student who is irresponsible. For students who are learning, through life/college experiences, college can be their own experience that will define students in their future. Any life experience can mold a person, but the college experience will definitely change any college student to become the person he/she will be post college life.