Way 4 Impact of Cuts on Public Health

Posted on February 17, 2011


The Cut: The Public Health Division is bearing the brunt of the Department of Health’s funding cuts — absorbing $17.4 million of the $24.4 million reduction. Further cuts would be devastating to the overall health of New Mexico.

The Consequences: Many New Mexicans living in rural areas already face inadequate or non-existent access to prevention programs and primary care. More cuts to the Public Health Division will devastate crucial rural primary health care clinics and school-based health centers. These cuts will also impact programs that help reduce teen pregnancies, youth suicides, obesity, and chronic and infectious diseases. Such prevention programs save the state money in the long run, so cutting them will ultimately end up costing New Mexicans more.
Youth obesity is on the rise in New Mexico and, without prevention programs, many of these children will grow up to be unhealthy obese adults. Diabetes, heart disease, and some forms of cancer are just a few of the illness that are more prevalent among people who are obese.
New Mexico’s youth suicide rate is also alarmingly high — at more than twice the national average — yet our suicide prevention programs are already minimally funded. Additional cuts will mean even fewer of our youths who are at risk for suicide will get the help they need.

A Better Choice: Governor Martinez and the Legislature need to take a balanced approach to addressing our state’s revenue crisis. They should:
␣␣Get rid of tax giveaways that do not create jobs.
␣␣Make big out-of-state corporations play by the same rules as our small home-grown businesses.
␣␣Make our system of tax breaks more transparent and accountable. It’s only fair that we stand up for New Mexico families and small businesses.

Urge our politicians to make the Better Choice for New Mexico.

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