Better Choices New Mexico Way 5 – Cuts to Public Education

Posted on February 17, 2011



The Cut: Governor Martinez is proposing a 1.5 percent administrative budget cut for New Mexico’s school districts. But, after three rounds of budget cuts, even “non-classroom” cuts are likely to be felt by students.


The Consequences: We only have a small window of opportunity to provide an enriching learning environment for our children—an environment that includes experiential learning and fosters critical thinking skills. We can’t afford to waste that time providing a pared down version of “education lite.”

As one Los Lunas teacher writes:

“In the school district where I work, there have already been budget cuts that have affected student learning in the way of supplies, textbooks, and teacher training days. If cuts are made that affect class size, music, P.E., science, social studies, or any curricular area, these learning opportunities cannot be made up at a later time. Any further decrease in educational dollars will be sure to affect student learning.”


A parents’ advocate in Santa Fe writes:


“Our concern is that after three consecutive years of cuts, school districts will be forced to cut programs, athletics, music, art, transportation, counselors, nurses, librarians, and more services that help students. Without sufficient revenues for education, lawmakers are earsing opportunities for our children and we simply can’t stand for that.”

A Better Choice: Governor Martinez and the Legislature need to take a balanced approach to addressing our state’s revenue crisis. They should:

␣␣Get rid of tax giveaways that do not create jobs.

␣␣Make big out-of-state corporations play by the same rules as our small home-grown businesses.

␣␣Make our system of tax breaks more transparent and accountable. It’s only fair that we stand up for New Mexico families and small businesses. 


Urge our politicians to make the Better Choice for New Mexico.


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