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Cliff is small; population numbers are hard to find. There is not one restaurant or movie
theatre. The Cliff school district employs less than 20 teachers.
Cliff changed on January 14, 2008 when Parkey’s Coffee Shop opened.

“This is the only place to sit down,” explained Parkey about the coffee shop’s role in the
community. “We welcome anyone from bikers to babies.”
Located at the center of town, Parkey’s Coffee Shop is now the center of communication
in Cliff.

At Parkey’s, customers purchase coffee and burritos. Parents pick up their children from
school. Politicians have their meet and greets.

“The UPS will drop off packages for local businesses,” Parkey said.
Dedicated to her business, Parkey is the only employee and knows every customer by
name. She has a growing list of “regulars” that take advantage of the shop as the only
social gathering spot in town.

Since Parkey’s Coffee Shop opened nearly three years ago, Parkey has learned much
about owning a small business.

“We used the business plan that Mary Tarazoff helped us write for a loan,” said Parkey
referring to the former director of the SBDC at WNMU. “She also gave us references of
who to call for help.”
With the assistance of the SBDC, Parkey opened her business with one employee and a
small list of coffee options.

Nearly three years later, Parkey has partnered with local business to offer burritos,
biscotti and international coffee flavors.
Parkey is using the small town to her advantage. She minimizes her costs by having
friends make product deliveries and offers breakfast items made by local vendors
including the Living Harvest Bakery.

Parkey’s Coffee Shop is open Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The
business is also open upon request for special occasions.
Each year the SBDC selects a business to recognize as Client of the Year. Parkey will
receive her acknowledgment in February during the New Mexico legislative session in
Santa Fe.

The Small Business Development Center is housed in the Global Resource Center on the
WNMU campus in Silver City. Free services and counseling are available to current or
prospective small business owners.

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