Posted on January 24, 2011


Highlights the Impact Cuts will Have on Parents and Childcare Providers

ALBUQUERQUE– Better Choices New Mexico—an alliance of nearly 40 small businesses and faith-based, advocacy and labor organizations—announced the launch of their campaign to encourage Governor Susana Martinez and the Legislature to take a balanced approach to addressing the state’s revenue shortfall.

Today’s “Way” outlines how cuts to childcare programs will impact New Mexicans.  Taken from the coalitions Way 3:

Due to significant drops in enrollment, one child care provider in Roswell has been forced to let one-third of her staff go. Reimbursement rate cuts have put another provider from Roswell in a tight spot. She writes:

“I’ve lost $288 per month because of the rate cuts to providers. As a result, I was unable to pay my last electric bill on time. Making ends meet is going to be tough until I can catch up on that bill.”

Another provider in Las Cruces writes: “If we as a state are going to truly value our children, we need to do everything we can to ensure that they have a good environment to go to while their parents are at work. With out child care assistance, many families will have to make hard decisions. We as a state have a moral obligation to ensure that no children are left behind.

BCNM supports a balanced approach to addressing our state’s revenue crisis–one that includes accountability and transparency, closes corporate loopholes, and makes the rich and out-of-state corporations pay their fair share.

CONTACT: Stephanie Maez-Gibson, Communications Director, Center for Civic Policy, 505-410-0251 (cell) OR: Alicia Manzano, Outreach Director, NM Voices for Children, (505) 244-9505, ext. 20 (phone), (505) 453-6204 (cell)


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