Posted on January 23, 2011



Highlights the Impact Cuts will Have on Remedial College Courses

ALBUQUERQUE– Better Choices New Mexico—an alliance of nearly 40 small businesses and faithbased, advocacy and labor organizations—announced the launch of their campaign to encourage Governor Susana Martinez and the Legislature to take a balanced approach to addressing the state’s revenue shortfall.

Today’s “Way” outlines how cuts to remedial college courses will impact New Mexicans. Taken from the coalitions Way 2:

“Remedial college courses aren’t just for recent graduates who didn’t do well in these subjects in high school. Many adults who are returning to school need remedial classes to brush up the basics. When the economy is bad, colleges across the country see a dramatic increase in the number of adults returning to school. Some have lost their jobs due to the economy and need to learn new skills so they can move into different job sectors. Some are just trying to better themselves so they can move a little further up the career ladder.

New Mexico’s system of branch campuses makes it possible for more people to attend college— especially those living in rural areas. But if they cannot access remedial classes, many of them will have to put their education dreams on hold. In this economy, that can also mean they will suffer many more years of unemployment.”

BCNM supports a balanced approach to addressing our state’s revenue crisis–one that includes accountability and transparency, closes corporate loopholes, and makes the rich and out-of-state corporations pay their fair share.



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