Silver City

Posted on January 19, 2011


By Parrish Androh

Silver City, New Mexico is a town that is culturally diverse. A variety of races are represented here. America is often called the melting pot and Silver City proves this statement is true.  Like any college town Silver City, New Mexico depends on the university for its survival economically and culturally. Many college students consider this town boring and constantly complain of nothing to do. The truth is, that many people actually enjoy many aspects of the town, but complain simply because other people are doing it. However, I have found, the positives of Silver City far outweigh the negatives. Upon closer examination, a person will recognize that Silver City is unique. The low cost of Western New Mexico University (WNMU) is a benefit to all students who attend, as many people opt not to go to a larger university due to financial reasons. WNMU allows students to get an education at a reasonable price while also encounter people from different areas of the United States and various nationalities.

The options here in Silver City are what truly make it special. A student in silver can go out and partying all the time if they choose to or staying at home and focusing on academics. College night, at local bars such as The Flame or The Drifter, offer students an outlet to relax from school if one chooses.  Students who aren’t into the club scene have the option of having their own fun as house parties run rampant off campus. As long as students are responsible this is a positive aspect of what Silver City offers.  A student  focused strictly on their studies has the writing center and other services to help them in their studies. Students also have the option of living off campus, as housing is relatively cheap. Many homes are available for rent for $500 a month, as many students have decided that living in the schools dormitories isn’t the best option for them.  The randomness of the people and life style in Silver City, New Mexico is what truly makes it worth appreciating.