From the Silver City Astronomical Society

Posted on January 18, 2011


The next Silver City Astronomical Society program will be on Saturday, February 12 at 1:00pm, in the private room at Isaac’s, offered by Alex Woronow, who’s written software to make it simple to allign equipment to true north:

Align to North and be the Envy of all your Neighbors – How to Do It in 1 Simple Step (turn on your computer)

Is it worth a little time at twilight to align your telescope mount very accurately to North?  If you want to take long exposures it’s not an option; it’s a requirement!  Or, if you just want to find those fuzzies, frustration-free, it sure helps.

This talk will describe a new approach to the alignment problem. The mathematically complex method renders simple through a FREE computer program, and it does not require a CCD camera, just a reticle eyepiece.  I will focus on the fascinating world of celestial geometry (actually, it is kind of neat) for the solution and on the use of the computer program, leaving the mathematics at home.

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