Department of Chicana/Chicano and Hemisphere Studies offer new class

Posted on January 11, 2011



Are leaders born or made?

How does one recognize leadership?

What is leadership?

Are you a leader? Find out!

The Department of Chicana/Chicano and Hemispheric Studies is offering for the

first time this semester (Spring 2011) the first course in its Leadership Minor—

CCHS 430/580 Community Leadership Development (CRN 20073), Thursdays

from 5:30 to 8:15 pm, Miller Library Bach Room.

Teaching the course is Dr. Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, WNMU’s Scholar in Residence and

Chair of the Department of Chicana/Chicano and Hemispheric Studies. Dr. Ortego is Dean

Emeritus and was Founding Dean of the Hispanic Leadership Institute at Arizona State University—Tempe.

Dr. Ortego brings to the course a spectrum of leadership experiences from a life in various

leadership positions. He was a Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant and an active-duty officer in

the U.S. Air Force (Reserve Major) during which he was a Threat Analyst in Soviet Studies.

He studied at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas (M.A.), University of New

Mexico (Ph.D.) and has held numerous administrative and faculty positions at a number of

American universities, He was Founding Director of the Chicano Studies Program at the

University of Texas at El Paso; Founding Vice Chancellor for Academic Development at the

Hispanic University of America in Denver; Founding Director of the Institute for

Intercultural Studies and Research at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio

(Texas); Communication Consultant for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (Clayton

Yeater), Office of the President of the United States, Chairman of the National Commission

on the Status of Hispanics in the Department of Defense; Founding Secretary of the

National Hispanic Quincentennial Commission.

He is recipient of numerous awards and author of many scholarly and public affairs works.

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